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Server Console

Preliminary documentation. As of Version 0.4.11 we started working on a server console application with a command prompt and interpreter. This is handy for doing all kinds of manual tasks. Such as creating backups, or chatting from the console.

Sample session of the server console.



Currently for testing purposes we support only a small set of simple commands, we will add a more complete command set as we are working towards de first release version of the SDK. You can think off going into different prompt modes, such as chat mode, or command mode. Administer user/groups from the console and their authorizations for using the server through .NET remoting.

Starts the bot and console services.

chat mode or cm
Enters chat mode, see the chat mode chapter.

Exits the world and shuts-down the console.

list services
Provides a list of bot and console operating services that are running.

list plugins
Execute a discovery on your application directory, and scans for plugins. Then it lists the plugins which you can load or unload from the console.

load plugin <plugin name> /persist
Loads the bot plugin. Optional parameter 'persist' to make the load persistent. Bot will be automatically loaded upon reboot.

local time or lt
Changes the prompt so it shows your local system time.

vrt time or vt
Changes the prompt so it shows VRT Time.

unload plugin <plugin name> /persist
Unloads the bot plugin. Optional parameter 'persist' to make the unload persistent. Bot will not be loaded upon reboot.

Chat Mode

When entering chat mode the following flag commands are supported, flag commands start with a forward slash, to escape actual messaging, much like IRC or the /me command in active worlds chats.

/help or /h
Displays the available chat mode flag commands.

/list or /l
Lists the citizen names, whom are available for chat.

/whisper <citname> or /w <citname>
Go into chat whisper mode with citizen.

/send or /s
Go back into send mode, public chat.

/exit or /x
Exit chat mode and return to the console command prompt.

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