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This project is no longer maintained. We have moved to another Virtual Reality platform. You can now download VPNET, to build bots for the Virtual Paradise 3D VR system.

A archive is now kept at:

VP can be found at :
VPNET can be found at :

Project Description

Managed SDK layer on top of ByteMR's Wrapper. This library provides an application framework for the Active Worlds Virtual Reality environment and is written in C# .NET.

You can visit us at the Sandbox world, located at 3DEE. This is a non profit organization which has been hosting Active Worlds software for over 10 years. The organization offers free citizenships and we always welcome new bot builders.



This is a work in progress, not everything is implemented yet. Currently there's a server console, which can load bot as plugins from a command line prompt. Several services are included in the main bot engine which spawns these plugins as workers. Services such as universal storage db (object oriented), scheduling services, interpreter services are part of the SDK.

Quick update, currently I am working towards unstable release 0.6.18 which contains a mjor overhaul on the plugin engine. In the video below, you can view a bot plugin development/debugging session which by attaching to the main application server process from where the plugin is loaded/unloaded. The pluggable bot system therefore does not continiously have to logon to the Universe and World. Expensive object scans therefore can be completely omitted. Extremely usefull for worlds containing many thousands of objects, and overall easier bot building. Ofcourse this is a step closer towards a complete dynamic scripting system.

You should be able to write simple VR applications on top of this library. Keep in mind though that namespaces, object names their properties, (templated) delgates and interfaces are subject to change in their implementation and naming conventions. The target platform is .NET version 4.0, no tests are currently done in .NET Mono. Because of limitations in the native aw Sdk issued by Active Worlds, the target applications can only support 32 bits executables. The Visual Studio project file is currently targeted to Visual Studio 2010 only (versions prior to 0.5.13 are targeted to Visual Studio 2008 .NET 3.5). There is no solution project for Visual Studio Express users.


  • To completely hide the native AW's SDK (wrapper) complexity
  • Provide an easy to use component framework for Active Worlds applications
    • Integrate Vector Math
    • Logging
    • Serialization
    • Security such as authorization
    • Unified Storage (OOP-DB)
    • Scripting support (don't expect this anytime soon)


This project uses dependency libraries from:

These libraries (except the Microsoft .NET framework ofcourse) are included in the Depencies folder in the solution root for your convinience.


Many thanks go out to ByteMR for maintaining the AwSdk wrapper at

Copyright Notices

Please observe the licenses for some third party portions in this project. If licenses from certain companies are too restrictive to suit your needs, please do consider to use this Sdk library partially.

Active Worlds™ is a trademark of Activeworlds Inc.
3DEE Logo is a registered brand of The 3DEE foundation.
Db4Objects is © 2000-2009 VERSANT CORP
.NET Framework is © Microsoft Corp

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